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Auto Glass FAQ

1. Where can I find the VIN for my vehicle? 

A. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number which can be found on the dashboard of the drivers side of the vehicle. They are also found on your car's registration card. 

2. My car has a chip in the windshield, can this be repaired?

A. Chip repairs are always a possibility. To ensure your windshield can be repaired, please stop by the shop with your vehicle. An employee will inspect the chip and determine if it is repairable. 

3. Can I get a quote even if I am going through my insurance company?

A. If you plan on using your insurance for an auto glass replacement, you are only responsible for your deductible. 

4. Could I get an estimate on roughly what a replacement might cost? 

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a rough estimate for auto glass. Each vehicle has their own glass that is required for that specific vehicle. Prices will vary by each vehicle.

Flat Glass FAQ 

1. How much would it cost to replace this "standard size" window?

A. All windows come in a variety of sizes. An approximate size of your window would allow us to give you an estimate.


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